Terms and Conditions of Business

  1. These terms and conditions shall in all respect apply to and govern all contracts or agreements made between the Client and The Agency. The Agency acts as an Agent solely for the purpose of effecting Placements between Clients and applicant Au pairs, Nannies, Cleaners, Carers, Au pair plus(s) and/or Mother’s helps.
    Engagement of any Applicant through The Agency, where a placement is made, is an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Business and the full fee is payable in advance of the placement. Any fees charged are solely for placements and shall not be divulged to the applicant under any circumstances.
  2. The Agency shall register the Client upon receipt of a duly completed Family, Cleaner or Carer Application Form and the Pre-search fee of £50. Upon registration of the Client, The Agency agrees to supply to the Client details of the applicant.
  3. All Nannies/Housekeepers that apply to the organisation are required to undergo Training. The trainings are practical, performed under the supervision of our experienced in-house trainers to ascertain competence, initiative and interpersonal skills. It is upon passing this stage, that trainees will become qualified to interview with potential families.
  4. If the Client wishes to engage the au-pair, nanny, cleaner, carer, au-pair plus and/or mother’s help, the Client shall send the placement fee to The Agency. The Agency shall upon receipt of the placement fee, make arrangements for the placement of the applicant with the Client. All fees are payable immediately at the time of acceptance of the applicant and the Terms & Conditions of Business must be completed, signed and returned to  The Agency by email to accounts@ocdsaupairs.com.
  5. A non refundable Pre-Search fee of £50 for UK Clients (and £50 for International Clients) is due on submission of the family application form.
  6. Our Long Term (4 to 6 months) Placement fees are 2 and a half times the Applicant’s weekly wages plus travel fare; Our Long Term (7 to 12 months) Placement fees are 3 times the Applicant’s weekly wages plus travel fare; REPLACEMENT GUARANTEED.
  7. Short Term (zero to 3 months) Placement fee is £300.
  8. For renewal of the placement, renewal fees are due exactly 1 month before expiration of the current contract duration. On renewal, our renewal fees are equivalent to our placement fees. Clients who do not renew within the required time frame will not have the chance to renew with the current worker and will have to pay a new search fee for a new placement. Once a renewal duration has been decided upon and an invoice generated, the renewal duration cannot be changed. Families will have to wait till the 1 month expiration period to effect a new renewal.
  9. In the event of the Applicant leaving the Client unilaterally not due to any fault of the Client, a replacement will be made.
  10. REFUNDS – We do not refund Placement fees.
  11. The Agency shall provide replacements within the period of the contract. Clients must ensure they ask all necessary questions to ensure the Applicant will perform their duties to suit the requirements of the Client. The Agency does not provide refund or replacement applicants  for “Short Term” or “Summer” placements.     
  12. Should a Client require a replacement Applicant and make alternative arrangements via another source or if the second replacement Applicant in (8) above proves to be unsatisfactory, no refund will be given.
  13. If a Client originally refused an Applicant offered by The Agency and subsequently engages same Applicant, an invoice for the full placement fee will be issued to the Client for immediate payment.
  14. Following the set up of a meeting between the Client and the Applicant, the agreement of an engagement must be arranged through The Agency. The Applicant must not be approached for an engagement directly by the Client.
  15. Termination of work by either party must be by 14 days notice.
    However, in the event of serious misconduct, disagreements or compromising circumstances; either party shall be entitled to terminate the engagement with immediate effect.. The Agency must be notified in writing by post, WhatsApp or email stating the reasons for the termination and the Applicant shall be referred to the Agency for record update.
  16. Although every effort is made by The Agency to ensure that Applicants introduced to Clients are suitable for the position offered, The Agency cannot be held responsible in any way for the character and suitability of any Applicant, accuracy of references, medical certificates and personal details supplied by the au-pair and is hereby expressly excluded from all liability whatsoever either directly or indirectly arising from the introduction of an Applicant.
  17. In the event of the Client transferring or passing the names and addresses of an Applicant at any time to any other person, the original Client will be liable for the full placement fee in respect of the Applicant should an engagement result. The Placement Fee shall be such sum as is from time to time payable to The Agency.
  18. In the event of the Client re-engaging an Applicant introduced by The Agency within six months of having previously declined the services of that Applicant; The Agency must be notified immediately of any such arrangement and the Client will be liable to The Agency for payment of the Placement Fee as is charged from time to time by The Agency.
  19. Whilst reasonable effort is made by The Agency to ensure Applicants are respectful, responsible and trustworthy, The Agency shall not be liable under any circumstances to the Client for any dishonest or negligent act or omission committed by the Applicant before or after engagement by the Client. In addition The Agency shall not be responsible for any breach by the Applicant of the agreed terms of engagement.
  20. The Agency shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, damage, cost, expense, injury or inconvenience suffered or incurred by the Client arising from the Applicant or in any way connected with an Applicant to the Client.
  21. Disputes, disagreements, incidents, damages, etc. arising between the Applicant and the Client resulting from the negotiations and/or the engagement shall be the responsibility of the Client and the Applicant and shall be resolved between both parties firsthand but if not resolved The Agency will intervene upon agreement by both the Applicant and the Client.
  22. For Applicants sourced overseas, it is the responsibility of the Client to collect the Applicant on arrival in the UK and departure from the UK. If the Applicant is not met, he/she may be placed at another host family and no refund or replacement will be made. The Agency is not responsible for the cost of overseas telephone calls or travel expenses.
  23. In the event of the Applicant failing to arrive, The Agency will commence a fresh search for a replacement. The full fee is retained by The Agency should the family decide not to accept the Applicant after the engagement of the Applicant has been accepted by either:
    •Mutual acceptance upon interview
    •Letter to The Agency confirming invitation    
    •Verbal acceptance via the telephone or acceptance by WhatsApp or email.
  24. Our Placement fees are subject to review and Clients will be informed of changes beforehand.
  25. It is the Client’s responsibility to check all the necessary credentials of the Applicant placed with them by The Agency. Futhermore, all DBS and Police checks, Facebook and Google checks should be administered by the Clients.
  26. A 24 hours emergency cover fee of £19.99 is payable for all next day cover requests. This fee is payable by all Clients at the time of booking the emergency cover.