(1) I confirm that I have read all the written material provided by AT2 Au Pairs Introductory Service in my home country, and that I am eligible to be an au-pair. I understand that the au-pair programme is not a contract of work, but that I am required to show a high degree of responsibility and to take my duties seriously.
(2) I confirm that I have answered all questions honestly and that all the information that I have supplied is true.
(3) I agree to stay in close contact with AT2 Au Pairs after submitting my application form. I agree not to travel to my host family until I have received an official confirmation of placement (this is usually in the form of an invitation letter from the AT2 Au Pairs Introductory Service).
(4) I shall familiarise myself with all visa requirements (if any) and obtain necessary documentation.
(5) I agree to pay all costs for language courses and travel, to and from host country; including debts incurred (eg telephone bills). I also agree to bring money for emergency expenses.
(6) I agree to abide by all rules set by the host family, for example, in relation to not smoking, use of the telephone, visitors and so on. During my stay I shall behave in a manner which does not reflect badly on my host family, host agency and AT2 Au Pairs.
(7) I realise that the success of my au-pair stay depends on my own initiative and I agree to integrate myself in family life and to communicate openly with the family should any problems arise and to actively seek a solution.
(8) If no solution can be reached, and I decide to leave the family, I agree to give 14 days notice. I also agree to contact the AT2 Au Pairs prior to leaving the host family.
(9) I agree that on arrival at the host family I shall discuss in detail with my host family, the daily and weekly routine, and my and their expectations of me as an au-pair. I also agree to let AT2 Au Pairs Introductory Service know of any future holiday/travel arrangements.
(10) I shall carry out my childcare/light housework duties to a high standard. I agree to keep my room clean and tidy and to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene. My au-pair duties may be the following:-
(10.1) Machine wash clothes;
(10.2) Vacuum;
(10.3) Clean bathroom, kitchen floor, communal areas and children's rooms;
(10.4) Ironing and polishing, care for pets, washing up, bed making;
(10.5) Babysitting, sole charge of children overnight;
(10.6) Bath children, cook for children and family;
(10.7) Breakfast for children;
(10.8) Bring and collect children to and from school/nursery.
(11) I agree to seek the advice of the host family before administering any form of discipline. I also understand that under no circumstances should I hit the children, shout at them or leave them on their own regardless of their ages.
(12) I agree to maintain confidentiality and not to discuss details of my host family's private life.
(13) I agree that my it is the family's responsibility to check my credentials after introductory by the Introductory Service. Furthermore, all CRB and police checks shall be administered by the families.

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